Kids Can Learn Robotics Too; Join The Online Robotics Championship


Kids Can Learn Robotics Too; Join The Online Robotics Championship

Would you like to introduce your child to robotics and let them be a part of an Online National Championship?

Artificial intelligence and Robotics is the future of technologies; and the rate at which the industries are progressing, that future doesn’t seem so far. Soon enough, we are going to see  robots that will not only do simple tasks but will also solve our difficult queries simultaneously. Read along this post to learn about the future that your kids are going to be a part of. It is a necessity for kids to understand the importance of robotics in education and to indulge in interesting robotics activities. 

Indian RobotScience League is one such event for science, technology and education which brings together young and bright minds of India to showcase their ability to solve problems using their creativity and problem solving skills through our Online Robotics competition.

IRL is a platform developed for school students to understand how robots work and how they make our neighborhood better. The event comprises two aspects; 

  •  a workshop which is designed to create awareness of robotics amongst students and
  • a competition which will test the knowledge students gained during the workshop. 

Together,  IRL is a fulfilling event which will teach kids all about robotics and will challenge them enough to put their minds into work. 

Know more about the championship and register here 

Benefits of teaching robotics for kids

So far, you know that the importance of robotics is far greater than the usual school curriculum. There already are robots that can serve in the army, detect bombs, help cleaning, work in mass production industries and much more. The IRL is designed to teach kids theory and the practical aspect of robotics. They will learn to code in an atmosphere where they are inspired to make their own robots at the end of their learning. 

They are going to indulge in a robotics competition that tests their robots and their coding skills. They will learn rather new things such as aerodynamics and hydroxyl units in a fun way that is not only limited to the bookish knowledge as they have used it in practical forms while forming their robots.

It will also develop mechanical skills in them that they can understand and solve any such mechanical practical problem. They would always be a step ahead in the future while other kids would be learning from the books, they would be practically making that bookish language into an art form of a robot. 

6 Reasons Why IRL can shape the future of your child 

  1. IRL is a unique consensus of theory and practical knowledge. This might sound like a mediocre thing but in reality, it is something that doesn’t happen too often.
  2. Such competitions can increase their creativity to up to tenfold over time because they learn so much about how to do a simple task creatively.
  3. Kids begin to build practical approaches towards problem solving as their young minds get trained in a way that they start learning from their surroundings.
  4. It gives them a sense of individuality because they understand what they can accomplish as a singular unit, by solving problems with their creativity.
  5. Kids enhance their problem solving abilities because of the fun activities in competitions like IRL.
  6. The competitions make them understand the power of teamwork and leadership and what all they can accomplish simply by talking to each other.

We take pride in stating that our Robotics league is in coherence with the NEP(New Education Policy), India. National Education Policy is introduced to enhance the quality of education equally for strengthening India as the global superpower; and such competitions are just the beginning towards this goal. 

Encourage the young minds to invest their time and creativity in the IRL to actually build a robot at the end of 8-10 hours.The activities of the league are fun but also test the problem-solving skills of your kids and push them towards making them a better version of themselves. 

IRL and Underline Skills 

Underline is a Career-Oriented Skill Development Company providing integrated learning, assessment & certification programs of world’s biggest education & technology companies including Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Intuit, Autodesk, Unity, PMI-USA to name a few. 

IRL is a joint initiative by Underline Skills & Chennai based Robotic Research Institute Prag Robotics. 

Prag Robotics is a judicious engineering workforce, providing techno‑education to Schools & Colleges and process enhancement solutions and technological services to industries.

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