IC3 Global Standard 6


IC3 Digital Literacy Global Standard 6 (GS6) is the latest version of the IC3 Digital Literacy program. This program has been restructured to address current computing concepts, including cloud and mobile technologies; to align closely with educational requirements and ensure learners of all ages can validate their understanding of Digital Literacy. IC3 Digital Literacy allows candidates to demonstrate their ability to select and use the appropriate research, productivity, collaboration, and communications tools, to find reliable information, create content, communicate safely, and identify credibility and bias in modern digital environments.

The new structure is a comprehensive set of stackable certifications across seven digital literacy domains. It is composed of three exams, each awarding its own certificate, that validate an understanding of each domain at the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.

  • Level 1 measures knowledge of fundamental concepts and essential components.
  • Level 2 requires a working knowledge of each of the seven skill groups.
  • Level 3 validates an advanced understanding of digital literacy and indicates that the candidate has the technical foundation needed to advance successfully along their educational and employment paths and support the development of more specialized technological skills.



  • Earning a Digital Certificate and Badge from IC3.
  • Helps younger children to build a solid foundation in digital concepts.
  • Provides the confidence to integrate computer and Internet technology.
  • Knowledge of the impact of computing and the Internet on society.
  • Keeps you updated with new technology with ongoing updates to testing objectives and methodologies relevant to the latest technological trends.
  • The Course helps in upskilling your overall Digital Knowledge.
  • The Course Certification recognizes and documents your experience.
  • This Course will certainly help you to build a powerful Resume.
  • For students, certifications from eminent company work as add on in University/College Admissions Points Calculation.
  • Getting Certified: Enhances your Knowledge, Education, and Professional Credibility.
  • The Course Certification is in-line with the current job opportunities offered globally.


  • Inventory Coordinator.
  • Academic Director.
  • Audit Specialist.
  • Purchasing Assistant.
  • Systems Administrator

Course Curriculum

IC3 Global Standard 6 level 1 Download
IC3 Global Standard 6 level 2 Download
IC3 Global Standard 6 level 3 Download
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