Artificial Intelligence with Real-Time Applications


Artificial Intelligence with Real Time Applications is a value-added course which covers the
fundamentals of Machine Learning right from the definition of Machine Learning to Building
and deploying your own Machine Learning pipeline real time. The word real time reflects the
journey involved in developing a Machine learning model right from Data collection till Model
Deployment. Students will experience the difficult process of building quality dataset, choosing
the right model, tuning the model and deploying it in the real world. The objectives of this
course are as follows:

• To understand the principles of Machine Learning
• To understand the significance of Data in Machine Learning
• To develop various visualization techniques to understand data
• To understand various processes in Data pre-processing
• To equip students with the knowledge of identifying data fallacies and rectifying them
• To develop Machine Learning Models using Python and Scikit learn library

Course Curriculum

Artificial Intelligence with Real-Time Applications Download


•  Collect and scrap data from various sources and build a dataset
• Read data and perform Data pre-processing
• Understand data visualization techniques and build data dashboards
• Understand Machine Learning paradigms
• Select model based on the data
• Perform Model Tuning


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