Programming and Virtual Commissioning of Industrial Robots


Interested in building real time industrial robot applications, then this course is for you. This course has been designed to equip the engineers with the “Skill” to build virtual robot environments that mimic the actual robot work cells. Building simulations is a lucrative and yet a challenging skill where imagination plays a paramount role. A simulation engineer must imagine the entire process of operations and build a virtual world that imitates the actual scenario. The complexity of simulation further increases when the process demands higher efficiency. In this age of automation, as process automation experts, we have observed the importance of industrial robots in various industries and the challenges such “High supply vs. Demand”, “Cutting edge process for higher efficiency & superior accuracy” have made engineers turn towards industrial robots. Robot simulation answers many questions that rise during this transition from traditional process to robotics process. This course will be the genesis of Virtual Commissioning using ABB Robot Studio.

The objectives of this course are as follows:

• To understand the nuances of Robotics
• To study the anatomy of Industrial Robots
• To impart the knowledge on robot assembly and Virtual Commissioning
• To understand the various applications of Industrial Robots
• To understand the process of developing Robot work cells virtually

Course Curriculum

Programming and Virtual Commissioning of Industrial Robots Download


• Understand the Anatomy of an Industrial Robot
• Operate Industrial Robot (Robot Jogging, Online Programming)
• Virtually Commission a Robot Work cell
• Program an Industrial Robot using Rapid Programming Language
• Work on ABB Robot Studio


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